MATSUE TEA , tea of ​​excellence - More than a brand of tea, a commitment.
We bet on a premium and luxury positioning.
All our teas, rooibos and herbal teas are of exceptional quality.
Our motto, sustainability, responsibility and quality is a fundamental principle for us. We strive to meet these ideal criteria as best as possible in order to provide development and management precisely in this area. So our teas and our company are developed in this universe.

A lasting commitment to our customers

We can say that commitment is the heart of our tea brand. We offer green tea , black tea , white tea , blended tea as well as various rooibos and organic or natural herbal tea for all tastes and types of consumer. We bet on a premium tea. Also organic is not just a fad. As previously explained MATSUE TEA relies on sustainability, responsibility and quality as well as the origin of our products, the preparation, conservation, labeling and storage evolves in the strictest organic criteria. Also, all our teas are handcrafted with careful selection.

The idea of ​​this artisanal process: to be the
more respectful for all.




We are committed to respecting the strictest organic standards. That's why we have organic certification.
the "NATURAL" logo on some of our teas indicates that these are tea creations whose ingredients come exclusively from sustainable agriculture.
Our teas are all premium quality.




To be able to offer free shipping to all our customers, we use simple but protective packaging.
You will receive your MATSUE TEA product directly at home in a simple and practical packaging.
Please note that delivery times can be 48/72 working days but we do our best to get it to you as soon as possible.
In summary, at MATSUE TEA , we believe in a commitment to sustainability, responsibility and quality. We are proud to offer a wide range of high quality organic teas and infusions , delivered quickly and everywhere in Europe.


A dedicated Support team to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday by email. Response within 24/48h.