Le thé glacé de chez MATSUE TEA

Iced tea from MATSUE TEA

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From the onset of the first heat, iced tea is a great alternative to cool off while having fun. MATSUE TEA iced tea is first prepared by steeping tea in hot water. The mishmash natural green tea from MATSUE TEA will take you on a journey with its mandarin and grapefruit notes. Or maybe you'll be tempted by the organic ginger-lemon green tea from MATSUE TEA which, thanks to the lemon, gives your iced tea a distinguished and refreshing note, not to mention the ginger which energizes your days. But how to continue this article without telling you about MATSUE TEA's best-seller, organic iced lemonade green tea . This organic green tea is a fruity blend, delicate and stunning in its sweetness. After letting it infuse for 2-3 minutes in hot water at a temperature of 70-80°C, all you have to do is let it cool and add ice cubes. Iced tea can be made from any type of tea from MATSUE TEA. You will feast and enjoy iced tea from black tea, green tea, white tea or oolong tea, as well as from all our blended teas. It can be blended green tea, blended black tea or even blended white tea. But let's not forget the theine-free “Rooibos” tea . You can also prepare iced tea with rooibos from MATSUE TEA. Several alternatives are available to you, rooibos lemon pie, organic rooibos joie de vivre, not to mention rooibos lemon pie. And if you like red rooibos, you will be tempted by the sweet kiss organic rooibos and if you need even more tenderness let yourself be seduced by the fresh kiss organic rooibos .

Iced tea is a refreshing and thirst-quenching drink that you can drink as soon as the sun shines. For example, many take pleasure in tasting this drink during the day by preparing it either in the morning before leaving for work and bringing it with them. Or at home enjoying a quiet moment of relaxation or on the terrace contemplating the sun.

MATSUE TEA iced tea can be consumed like in the South of the United States with sugar or with slices of fruit.

From now on let yourself be tempted by the iced tea which will make your days more beautiful, especially since we know that it is a soft drink, thirst-quenching and easy to prepare.

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