Un thé PREMIUM et de Haute Qualité, comment savoir ?

A PREMIUM and High Quality tea, how do you know?

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The clues to recognize a PREMIUM quality tea.

First of all the price is not necessarily a safe bet, it is not the guarantee of a good quality tea.

Unfortunately, many consumers buy tea blindly. And suddenly mainly for lack of knowledge the choice goes towards poor quality teas.

Here are some clues to help you make the right choice:

It all starts with the quality of the tea leaves, which must be:

- whole and not crushed or broken.

- diffuses an exceptional smell.

- the price nevertheless remains a criterion, a PREMIUM tea has taste. To keep the quality and its flavor it is picked up by hand, far from mechanical processes.

- storage with undeniable effect.

- Beware of marketing, excessive marketing will have a major effect on the choice of tea quality. Marketing is expensive.

How to choose the right tea

2 mandatory criteria:

- packaging:

Tea should be kept in an airtight bag and ideally stored in a cool, dry place.

- the smell :

PREMIUM quality teas diffuse an exceptional fragrance.

To choose your tea well, do not be seduced by the marketing, but by the criteria set out above.

What to choose ? A loose leaf tea or a tea bag ready to infuse?

Keep the following precisely in mind:

Often we are swayed by the easy and impatient world of today not helping us to make the right choices.

It's true that a ready-to-brew tea bag will be quick and easier to throw away. But nevertheless moving towards this choice is the same as buying a ready-made dish.

Yes it will go faster but the quality will not be there. FOR WHAT?

1- Most teas in ready-to-infuse bags are often of much lower quality, since the tea leaves have been reduced to dust.

2- The infuser bags are much too small to accommodate whole tea leaves. The bags being too narrow do not allow the tea leaf to expand normally which prevents a good infusion.

To sum up :

Loose leaf tea remains the best solution for enjoying high quality tea.

Luxury and quality in your cups.

The MATSUE TEA house made this choice of a PREMIUM quality tea by not derogating from any of the steps listed above.

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