L’histoire du thé

The history of tea

The history of tea

Did you know ? Tea is an ancient drink that has been consumed for centuries all over the world. Its history dates back to ancient China, where it was used for its medicinal properties before becoming a popular drink.

According to legend, Chinese Emperor Shen Nong discovered tea by chance in 2737 BC. While boiling water, a tea leaf fell into his pot , producing a delicious infusion. Since then, tea has become a popular drink in China , and has subsequently been exported to other countries in Asia and around the world.

At MATSUE TEA , we are proud to perpetuate this thousand-year-old tradition by offering a selection of organic and high quality teas . We work to offer you the best teas , while respecting the traditions that have made this drink so popular.

When did tea arrive in Europe?

During the Renaissance , it will first pass through the United Provinces and then gradually through the United Kingdom. The rather very high taxes will encourage smuggling until the Commutation Act of 1784. And it is this period that will mark the end of illegal imports of tea. The tea market in America flourished until what was called the Boston tea party.

Then opposition to English royalty would bring it to an end, as tea would emerge in Russia and grow into a tradition.

And so it was in the 19th century that tea began to be appreciated, then to be cultivated elsewhere than in China. And tea will see significant growth in India thanks to its promotion by the East India Company . Its quality of tea production is also known as Assam tea and Darjeeling tea.

Remember that at that time the working conditions were not optimal and therefore in 1865, a crisis will break out and will stop 4 years later.

And it is at this time that plantation owners will begin to understand the importance of providing better working conditions.

And it was at this same time that tea emerged. First in India then in different African countries. First in Kenya, Malawi and then Morocco.


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